How to Use Pumpkins to Teach Kids About Food Security

It’s October, and no matter where you may be in Canada, there are pumpkins everywhere. This curious looking cultivar of a squash plant currently lines the produce aisle of your local grocery store. They`re found on the porches of home fronts all over town. While...

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How to Celebrate World Food Day in School and at Home

Last month, we released a calendar of events that note international days of celebration that you and your children/students can use as inspiration for learning experiences this autumn/winter. One especially important event, is World Food Day. Here are 3 ways to...

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How to Get Kids Excited About Growing Food

Our Foundation is a big proponent of using gardening/farming to teach Canadian kids about growing food while providing them with invaluable outdoor learning experiences. You can learn more about our initiatives here. However, today’s article intends to help with...

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Looking for Outdoor Educational Learning Resources?

If there is one predominant theme found on the Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation’s our website, it’s the unwavering support of outdoor education in Canada. The Foundation has some great educational resources and we love to share some other...

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Why Buy Organic?

In celebration of Organic Week from September 16-24, 2017, our guest blog today is from Rachel Parent, our close friend and volunteer. In this post, Rachel Parent elaborates on the reasons why we should buy organic. Rachel is a Canadian youth activist and founder of...

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Let’s Grow: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of young children? Read our guest post from Rebecca Taylor for great tips on how to do Peer-to-Peer fundraising for the Plant a Seed Foundation.   Peer-to-Peer fundraising (P2P) is a popular method of...

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How to Promote Outdoor Education During the School Year

It wasn’t that long ago that we published an article on how to prevent learning loss during summer vacation, and now here we are on the flip side of the coin, checking in to make sure you’re child doesn’t experience outdoor education loss as the new...

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Outdoor Learning Experiences for Kids with Disabilities

Here’s our list of outdoor learning experiences that introduces your child living with a disability to the great outdoors. Although your child may have mobility challenges, it should not keep your child from reaping the benefits of outdoor learning this summer,...

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