3 More Positive Role Models for Your Child

You’re number one of course. But you know how kids can be. They don’t always appreciate how cool of a parent you are, which is why it’s important to identify other positive role models  so that they may be better able to relate to. This often...

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How to Celebrate World Bee Day

You know what really stings? The fact that one of the planet’s precious resources and most important pollinator in the world, the honey bee, is facing extinction. Thankfully, young people such as Asha Mior, a 16 year old blogger, environmentalist,...

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How to Celebrate Earth Day at Home and School

The next Earth Day arrives on Monday, April 22 2019. For those who don’t know exactly what the motivation behind the international day of celebration is, allow us to provide a succinct reference of the Earth Day Network’s purpose:  “Earth Day...

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Spring Break Learning Activities for Your Kids

Spring break is upon us and whether you’re taking the kids on vacation or enjoying the one to two weeks away from school from the comforts of your area code, you want to make sure that they keep learning through it all, while still having fun. As a purveyor of...

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How to Celebrate World Wildlife Day With Your Kids

World Wildlife Day is a United Nations designated affair to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. It lands on March 3 of each year, and while the species of our planet deserve attention every day, we suggest saving the date to slot...

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Alex Stark: Connecting with Nature and through Languages

We met Alexander Grayson Brandt Stark last Nov. 2018 during Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s (KPU) event at the River Rock Casino. He’s one of the Foundation’s recent 2018-2019 post-secondary bursary recipients. We were captivated by his stories of adventures in...

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How to Introduce Pollinators Into an Urban Environment

There appears to be no stopping the increased densification of Canadian cities. Natural green space is giving way to new residential and commercial development while suburbs are blending into urban centers, become indistinguishable from one another. While this...

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How to Prevent Food Waste in Schools

Food waste has been a longstanding issue in Canada, and unfortunately it persists into 2019. Global News recently reported on a study which found that over half of the food produced in our country is wasted. Can you imagine what food insecure nations would...

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Why Donate to a Foundation

While any time of the year is a good time to do some good in your community, a lot of people take a moment at this point in the year to reflect on how they can help make a difference. However, with so many opportunities being presented to you, it can be hard to make...

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6 Great School Garden Examples to Inspire Your Own

One of the best ways to introduce outdoor learning experiences for kids in your own community is through a school gardening program. In addition to developing horticultural knowledge and skills and providing a sustainable food resource, there are numerous benefits for...

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Outdoor Learning in the Rain

Summer is officially over and the forecast around British Columbia and the rest of Canada seems to concur. As the autumn and winter bring more rain (especially here in BC) many households and grade school classes head indoors to teach their kids. However, did you...

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