Outdoor Learning Experiences for Kids with Disabilities

Here’s our list of outdoor learning experiences that introduces your child living with a disability to the great outdoors. Although your child may have mobility challenges, it should not keep your child from reaping the benefits of outdoor learning this summer,...

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Helping Canadian Kids Learn How Food Grows

From tomato plants on balconies to backyard and community gardens, more and more people of all ages are taking time to cultivate their own food. With summer comes the opportunity for kids to get involved in gardening and discover what may become a life-long passion...

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How to Make Your Community Garden More Accessible

Today, our Foundation is providing easy-to-follow instructions on how you can make your sustainable community gardening system more accessible for all Canadians.  Nearly 14% of all Canadians are living with some form of a disability. While many Canadian...

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How to Conserve Water in Your Community Garden

World Water Day 2017 has passed, but the intent of the event is not to get people to conserve water for just a 24-hour period. Instead, it asks that we all look at our water consumption habits, and make a change for the greater good. And while the UN sponsored day...

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Bee Crisis: It’s Time to Bee Aware

We are pleased to share with you our guest blog post today  about the bee crisis from Huffington Post contributor, Asha Mior. In her blog post below, Asha explains why bees are important and offers ways how we can help save bees. Asha is a 15 year old blogger,...

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