How You and Your Child Can Resolve to Make a Difference in 2017 (and Beyond)

Family Making a Difference

We’re over two weeks into the New Year and all over the world households are beginning their resolutions to live better. Some are setting individual goals, others together with their family. It’s the latter where our Foundation sees where you can make a difference on a grander scale.

Your kids see you run off to the gym, fill the cabinets with healthier foods, and take more trips to the recycle bin. They can learn a lot from observing and making these positive behaviours an integral part of the resolve to live a better life that will set them up for their personal success. These healthy habits will also set the tone for generations to come, especially when these new goals impact their community. Today, our Foundation has put together a list of things that you and your child (or children) can commit to do together to make a difference in the world around them.

4 Pledges That You and Your Child Can Do to Make a Difference in 2017

Get Involved in Community Gardening

One direct way your clan can make an immediate and positive impact is to get involved with a local community garden or urban farming project. If none exists in your area, start one. If access to general public land is an issue, a school garden project may be just what your community needs. Learn how to overcome any challenges of beginning your own.

Start by educating yourselves in the seed preservation process, how to foster an environment for beneficial bugs, sustainable gardening methods, and anything else that you can learn together to prepare yourselves for the experience. It doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may think, especially if you follow these tips.

This effort does not need to focus solely on the act of gardening/farming. You can make a huge difference by working together to connect your garden/farming project with foundations that support those children with special needs, where community gardening has shown to be therapeutic. Bridging the gaps between food gardens, farmer’s markets, and food banks can also be a duty you can get involved in.

There are so many ways to contribute to, and learn from, this experience. Your child may grow up to become someone that actualizes a new urban farming project that inspires generations to come. That potential, starts today.

Establish a Community Book Exchange

Little things can make a big difference. Something as simple as a well-placed book exchange can bring a small community together. Itwill have a big impact on those involved. Many households are “cleaning house” as a part of their annual “home improvement” plan.

Read books are often on the chopping block, either headed for the recycle bin, second hand book store, or library donation box. Instead, consider using those books to launch a quaint book exchange. This can be placed in your local community garden, urban farm, or other public area where permissible. You and your child will have fun building the box/repository and going around the neighborhood to collect more books for the project. For assistance, follow these tips to setting up a book/library exchange in your community.

Get Outside and Learn

Outdoor learning has a direct impact on your child’s development while having an indirect and long-term impact on their environment. Outdoor experiences can tie nature together with the concepts of sustainability and interconnections. It sets the table for your child’s role in the future. These experiences can include agri-tours, eco-tours, and so much more. Don’t let any of the four seasons get in your way. Our Foundation has put together a list of recommended outdoor learning experiences for winter, for autumn, spring and summer.

Start a Weekly/Monthly Beach/Park Clean-up

Kids love this one. You get a day at the beach that starts by doing some good for people and marine life alike. It’s an outdoor learning experience and something that makes the world a better place all rolled up into one. All it takes is protective gloves, a garbage bag, and gumption. Make it a weekly or monthly activity for consistency. If there is no body of water near you, some other ecological destination threatened by public interference (litter, etc.) will do.

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