“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of UK (1874-1965)


At Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation, we are proud to support a number of valuable initiatives that contribute to the health and happiness of families, health education, and responsible environmental stewardship.

Your donation is deeply appreciated and will be used to support these worthy causes. Thank you for your donation.

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Outdoor Learning Experiences


An understanding of the seed-to-table cycle helps young people appreciate and value our earth’s valuable resources. It encourages healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Yet, many will go their entire youth without the opportunity to see and appreciate the source of something as fundamental as their daily food. Your donation provides, not just a fun day for young children, but an experience that will help shape a life-long appreciation for the seed-to-table cycle.

School & Community Gardens

Girls holding community garden sign

Planting a seed and watching it grow has a life-long impact on a child’s connection to our earth and appreciation for their food and their community. Your donation supports the development of community and school gardens.

Seed Preservation


The simple act of preserving a seed has a profound impact on our lives, our land, our food, and our health. Your donation supports the conservation or restoration of original strains of seeds.

School Breakfast Program

School children (8-9) at lunch break

There are many reasons a caregiver may send a child to school without proper nourishment – poverty, lack of education. Regardless of the reason, the child suffers not only the physical discomfort of hunger, but the life-long impacts on education, accomplishments, and self-esteem. Your donation allows children, despite their challenges at home, to start their day with the physical and emotional comfort of a nutritious meal to make them happy, healthy and productive at school.

Compassionate Care

Hidden Hunger stock-photo-5599800

Micronutrient deficiencies undermine the health and energy of children and adults in both developed and developing communities. Your donation helps provide vitamins/natural health supplements and emergency food to those in disaster-ravaged or disadvantaged communities.

Health Education


Health education bursaries encourages young minds  to pursue careers and make life-choices that benefit society. Your donation enables individuals to reach their academic aspirations.

Thank you for your support.  Your donation makes a difference.

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