Michael & Megan's Kids Corner

Hi Kids! Michael & Meghan invite you to play our games and fun activities! There’s lots to explore below.

Hi Parents! The Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation Kids Corner has engaging children’s activities and games all rooted in the love of growing our own food and taking care of our Mother Earth. They are fun, easy, safe, free to use and created for preschoolers and primary grade kids. For more information, see our Parent’s Section below.

At-Home Activities

Discover our fun At-Home Activities to keep your youngsters engaged and learning! We’re posting new downloadable activities regularly so check back frequently. Get older children involved by having them plan these activities for younger ones. Enjoy!

Backyard Garden Observations

Fun for preschoolers and elementary students! Download this “from home” activity and use it over multiple visits as natural spaces change especially in the spring and fall..

Jeux d’observation à faire au parc ou dans sa cour

Cette activité à réaliser à la maison convient aisément aux enfants de tout âge. Les grands peuvent s’amuser à aider les petits. Elle peut être répétée plusieurs fois, au fil de vos visites multiples en espaces verts qui changent au gré des saisons, notamment au printemps et à l’automne.

Educational Workbooks

Engage the children in your care with these educational and entertaining workbooks: learn about the process of planting a seed, taking care of it and watching it grow into food to nourish our friends and families. The workbooks are available in English and French for two different primary grade age groups.

Note: A PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview for Mac is required to view the workbooks.

Activity Workbook for Grades K-1

Ages 5-7 (Grade K/1)

Children will learn what happens before a seed is planted and all of the basics for the life cycle of a plant.

Download PDF
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Ages 7-9 (Grade 2/3)

Children will learn what happens before a seed is planted and all of the basics for the life cycle of a plant.

Download PDF
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Michael & Megan’s Games

The games below are all free, fun and inspired by the children’s stories of Plant a Seed & See What Grows and What to Do with What You Grew by Roland Gahler. The games should work on any computing device from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and mobile phones.

Colouring Book

The pages of What to Do with What You Grew are blank! Choose from 24 colours to add life to these twelve different images. Online pictures can be printed before or after they’re coloured. If you prefer, you can download a PDF colouring book.

Colouring Books Preview

Colour Online Download PDF Colouring Book

Catch Sack Game

Catch as many organic veggies in your sack as you can before time runs out. Be careful to avoid the beetles that are out to harm your garden!

Catch Sack Game Preview

Play Now  Ages 8+

Puzzle Fun – The Tile Game

Our pictures are all jumbled up! Sort the tiles to put the puzzle back together again. It’s easy and fun, but we’ve added some levels that will challenge even the best puzzle star!

Puzzle Fun Game Preview

Play Now

For Parents

Michael & Megan’s Kids Corner is also a gateway to encourage further exploration:

  1. Trace the pathway from a seed to a serving of food on your own table
  2. Visit a farmers’ market or local grocery store and discover what happens with plants after they’re harvested
  3. Visit a local farm to learn about how plants are grown and harvested as crops, and how a farm is operated
  4. Learn about various nutrition labels such as organic or non-GMO on products in your own kitchen and what they tell us
  5. Support your existing school/community garden program or be part of a movement to establish such gardens
  6. Discover the many places seeds can be grown from the classroom, to back/front yards, to containers/living walls/balconies, to greenhouses and farms
  7. Talk about concepts such as: healthy eating; eating locally; backyard/urban farming

The list is limited only by your child’s interest and imagination.

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