3 More Positive Role Models for Your Child

You’re number one of course. But you know how kids can be. They don’t always appreciate how cool of a parent you are, which is why it’s important to identify other positive role models  so that they may be better able to relate to. This often means finding someone closer to their age. That’s right, sometimes exposure to peers within their own generation, or at least one generation apart, is all that is needed to spark a flame that will bring out the absolute best in your wonderful child.

Youth can inspire other youth to do great things. In fact, they inspire our own Foundation every day, which is why we started funded programs that include education bursaries so that we (together with your support) can help Canadian youth realize their unlimited potential. And wow, if initial results are an indicator of what’s to come we can safely say our country (and world) is in good hands!   

Today we’re sharing recent success stories of our Foundation’s education bursary recipients so that you can share them with your children. Within one of the short bios below, they may make a connection with a cause that is close to their own heart, or at the very least may find inspiration that doesn’t come from someone in today’s most recent Instagram feed. 

Three Examples of Young Canadians Doing Great Things Who May Inspire Your Kids to Aim for the Stars

Jessica Hill

Can you say energetic? We suppose you’d have to be to follow in Jessica Hill’s footsteps. At such an early age this bursary recipient has accomplished a lot, spending time off-the-grid in Cuba to learn about (and participate in) urban farming projects, while contributing back at home in Greater Vancouver, BC by teaching youth how to run local farmers markets

Now that she has completed her BASc Sustainable Agriculture from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, there’s nothing to stop this humble yet rising star who has her sights set on helping to develop eco-villages that model a way of life which nourishes individuals, communities and the earth. Now that’s a role model! View more about Jessica Hill in this recent feature by the Foundation.

Carla Hick

A self-described eccentric gastronomer, farmer, and traveler, Carla Hick completed her B.Sc. Applied Science degree at UBC. She’s currently a contractor for Sustainable Agriculture Program Exploration with the South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program. She’s also working in the Systems Change Evaluation with Tapestry Evaluation & Strategy. Carla’s passion for sustainable food systems and eco-friendly seed-to-table processes is positively infectious, and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the years to come. We’ll be sure to provide updates (on this blog) as she makes her way in the world, so stay tuned!

Alexander Stark

Positive Role Models for Youth Canada

You as parent may have a hard time with this one at first, as your kid/s may be inspired to truly spread their wings one day and leave the nest in search of adventure. But what an adventure it will be if it’s in the same vein of what Alexander Stark has accomplished so far in his young life.

Our most recent bursary recipient is also (like Jessica Hill) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, winding down his last semester en route to claiming a BASc in Sustainable Agriculture. Prior to that, this Stark left the North to do agricultural work all over the world, including the south of France, Cuba, and Mexico. Multilingual with a green thumb, Alex has a unique ability adapt to national cultures, micro-cultures, and minority cultures alike, inspiring young minds as he works in sustainable agricultural initiates in villages and townships around the planet. Read more about Alex’s adventures in this recent Foundation feature.

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